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Maryanne Schack

05/18/1933 - 01/02/2019
Service Date: 01/11/2019 at 9:00 AM
Location:St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church
Cemetery:Calvary Cemetery
Service Details
Rosary will be recited Thursday,January 10 2019 at 7:00pm also at St.Charles Borromeo Catholic Church.
Maryanne Thomas Schack was actually named Marilyn Thomas
on May 18, 1933 born in Tacoma, Washington. At the insistence
of her Irish Catholic Grandmother Mary 0 'Brien Thomas, she
was baptized Maryanne, because great-grandma was sure there
was no St. Marilyn. She has always been known as Maryanne to
her friends.

When she spent the night at a girl friend's house at the age of
eight, Maryanne was intrigued by what her little Catholic friend
did before she hopped into bed. "What are you doing?"
Maryanne asked of her friend who was next to her bed on her
knees. "I am saying my good-night prayers," the little girl
responded. "Teach me how to do that," begged Maryanne
excitedly. The next morning, when Maryanne came home, she
announced emphatically to my Grandma Sophie, "Mother, I
want to be Catholic!" "Heavens' sakes," said Grandma, "Where
is this all coming from? You already ARE Catholic." "I am?"
she cried. "Well, why haven't you taught me any prayers? Why
don't we go to Church? And why am I not going to Catholic
School like my friend?" Grandma and Grandpa were not going
to take mom to Church. If she wanted to go, she could get
herself there. And as far as going to Catholic School, she told
them it was their duty to let her go. So, from then on, mom went
to Mass herself every Sunday as a third-grader, and managed to
get herself enrolled in the Catholic School. She struggled her
first year at St. Leo's Elementary and was often embarrassed for
being so far behind. But by the next year she was getting all A's.
I have long known this story and have always felt that lowed
my faith to a little third-grader.

My mom was not only an exemplary student during her school
years, she was a devout Catholic, all her life, even as a teen-ager.
When she started dating my dad at 16 years of age, she would
always have to be home by a certain time. Not because her folks
said she should be home, but because she had a rosary and other
prayers to say before she went to bed. When Stan asked her if
she could stay out later on a date, she would always decline. She
fmally told him, when he asked, what she was doing. My dad
offered to pray with her if it meant getting to be with her for a
little while longer. Thus started my dad's journey of faith,
learning from my mom, a young St. Leo's High School girl. She
never asked him to become Catholic for her. My dad, who had
never been raised in any faith, said he was inspired by her
goodness and example, wanting what she had. He became a
Catholic, so they could get married being united in faith as well
as in love.

My Mom loved being Catholic- She loved the Pope, the Bishops
and Priests, Holy Sisters, sending our archdiocesan priests Mass
and prayer enrollments every Christmas. Even priests she did
not know. She was thrilled when she and dad got to travel to
Italy and France, making a pilgrimage to Rome, Lourdes, Assisi
and other places of Catholic devotion. She insisted on climbing
the 300 plus steps to the top of St. Peter's Dome, even though it
hurt her quite a bit. This was just a few years before she finally
surrendered to a wheel chair.

Mom loved to travel, which sounds a bit strange to me, knowing
she always lived within an 11 mile radius her entire life here in
Tacoma. I think what she actually loved was not the travelling
part, but getting to visit the holy places of her faith, evidenced
by bringing home a rather large replica of St. Peter's Basilica
and a couple of gallons of Lourdes water. I had always hoped
that Mom would be healed of her many ailments, but it was not
God's will. She instead offered her sufferings for the poor souls
in Purgatory and for grace for her family and friends.

Since my mom was in a wheel chair for the past 15 years, you
may be surprised to know that my mom was quite an athlete as a
girl -she played baseball, figure skated, and bowled in a league.
As an adult, she also loved to play the horses at Longacres. Does
that count as a sport? My Grandparents would often go and so
she felt this was a good way to spend some quality time with her
folks. Mom was quite good at betting and I remember getting a
dog from her winnings and a brand-new formica kitchen dining
Being a busy mom of four very active children, mom did her
best, in spite of her Rheumatoid Arthritis and numerous other
ailments, to let us have a nonnal childhood. This meant going on
a number of camping trips, sleeping in a tent. She did however
make dad carry their bed mattress on top of the station wagon.
Even though others would have excused her, my mom would
never dream of bringing store-bought cookies to a Church or
social gathering, because unless it was home-made you couldn't
"taste the love." It was always important to Mom that we could
taste the love, no matter what. In so many ways, Mom, showed
what it meant to be loving. Her grandsons Jacob and Ben
remember fondly how Grandma would take them to the B&I to
get baseball cards and then go for burgers and fries at Burger
King. Her only grand-daughter Claire loved spending time every
year at Grandma's for the Christmas holidays and a couple of
weeks in the summer. Grandma always had time to play games
with her and was especially entertaining for the whole family
when we played Cranium. Unlike the rest of the family, Claire
liked being on Grandma's team.

My mom had a talent for writing. She wrote for a newsletter for
a few years which made its way around the states and even
abroad, some family and Catholic magazines, and a number of
funny skits for her sorority sisters of Beta Sigma Phi. Of course,
us kids provided her with quite a bit of material. For example,
Mom was always a stickler for telling the truth. However, she
did subscribe to not telling my dad everything when it came to
what she put on his plate for dinner. I was often in the kitchen
helping to get dinner on the table. Sometimes a weenie might
roll off the bread board onto the floor. My mom would quickly
pick it up and set it aside "for dad," saying "What he doesn't
know won't hurt him." Evidently my youngest sibling,
Kimberly, must have been paying attention, because one day,
mom had set out some pork chops on the kitchen counter to
thaw. We about died laughing, a bit sheepishly, I might add,
when we heard 3 year-old Kim yell, "Mommy .... Kitty has
daddy's porkchop." My brother Mike was especially good for
some humorous stories. One that he will allow me to tell is when
he came into the house and immediately started pacing around
with a worried expression on his 4-year old face. "Mike, what's
the matter?" my suspicious mom inquired. "Nuffm," Mike
replied. Mom then decided to go outside and have a look
around. When she came back in, Mike squinted his eyes at her
and asked, "Did you see nuffm?" It wasn't long before mom
broke him down to spill the beans. That was Mom, our family'S
moral compass. A couple of frequently-used "Mom-isms"
during our childhood would be "Would Mary or Jesus do that?"
or, if you were upset or hurting about something, "offer it up to
Jesus" was often a final recourse.

Mom herself was a good example of "offering it up" for Jesus.
She was chronically sick, or having an arthritic flare up, and I
often wondered how she could love Jesus so much when he
wasn't doing anything to heal her. I brought it up to her one day
as I was sitting at her sick bed. In fact, I added, if Jesus loved
her so much, why was she so sick all the time? My mom pointed
to the picture of the Sacred Heart near her bed and said, "Wendy,
see Jesus' heart? It is on fire with love for each one of us. Jesus
loves me, too, and when I am sick he lets me share in His Love
in a special way. I offer up my sufferings with Him on the cross
to help others. This is a special kind of prayer. Jesus takes my
suffering and brings good out of it for others. See the crown of
thorns around His Heart? Jesus offered His suffering up for all
of us because He loves us and wants us all to be in Heaven with
Him someday." Mom, we hope that you are now finally tasting
the love of God's Heavenly Banquet, with no more pain and
suffering. Thanks for being YOU!

Funeral Mass will be celebrated Friday,January 11, 2019 at 9:00am at St.Charles Borromeo Catholic Church.
Rosary will be recited Thursday,January 10 2019 at 7:00pm also at St.Charles Borromeo Catholic Church.
Interment at Calvary Cemetery. Any gifts in her memory are appreciated, especially donations to any three of her favorite
charities: Catholic Relief Services, Right to Life and of course,
St. Charles Parish.

Arrangements by Gaffney Funeral Home
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